Floating Unscented White Tea Disc Light Candles


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  • Unscented Floating Candles, Cute and Elegant Burning Candles, Candles with Nice and Smooth Flames, Party Accessories
  • Illuminate your home: The Dreidel Company Floating Tea Light Candles Unscented Flame Floating Disc Candles Smooth Flame Approximate 4 hours.
  • Stock Your Home With Floating Candles and safe to utilize. These Ner floating candles are made with the best wax and wick so that you can enjoy them for a longer time.


Choose between our 40-Pack and 60-Pack. These Candles can be used as centerpieces for any table setting and will illuminate a warm light to enhance your events.

Made in the USA: These floating candles were made in America with quality wax and lead-free wicks. This is to prevent dripping, melting, and a smoke-free smell.