Rambam Design Menorah Polished Brass -Gold


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Brand: The Dreidel Company


  • Large Menorah Rambam Design - Polished Brass, Hanukkah Oil or Large Candle Menorah
  • A Great Addition To Your Hanukkah Table; Dim The Lights, Sit Back And Watch As The Story Of Chanukah Reflects Off Our Beautifully Gold Polished Brass Menorah.
  • A GIFT FOR EVERYONE: Anyone That Receives A Gift Such As Our Beautiful Gold Polished Menorah Will Never Need A Gift Receipt. Help Share The Hanukkah Light To All Your Friends With A Gift Such As This One.
  • MEASUREMENT: H: 1ft. x 2in. W: 6"in. L:15" in.
  • MATERIAL: Gold Polish Brass.