Hanukkah Pre-Filled Jelled Oil Cups Candles, Ready to Use, Made in Israel


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  • Easy And Clean: Preparing A Menorah With Oil Cups For Candle Lighting Can Be Messy. With Hanukkah Lights Pre-Filled Oil Candles, You'll Do It In A Clean And Easy. Take The Cups Out Of The Box and You Are Ready To Light.
  • Size And Quantity: Our 44 Jelled Olive Oil Box Lasts Through All 8 Nights Of Hanukkah. Cup Size, (1") Wide x (1.5") High. Burning Time Approx. 1 ½ Hours
  • Quality Crafted: Expect Nothing Less Than The Best From The Dreidel Company. Our Hanukkah Lights Pre-Filled Jelled Oil Lights Burn Clear & Bright With No Oil Spills To Keep Your Hanukiya Clean. Made From Kosher 100% Olive Oil. Hanukkah Lights Pre-Filled Oil Candles Have Been Proven By Hundreds To Be The Ideal Chanukah Candle Lighting Method. It's Convenient Packaging Of The Pre-Filled Glass And Wick Supplies You With Everything You Need, Leaving You With No Toil And No Mess.


Classic Chanuka Gift: There Is No Better Way To Celebrate The Festival Of Lights Than With A Beautiful Menorah. This Makes The Perfect Judaic Present.

Choose between our Medium Jelled Oil Cups and Large Jelled Oil Cups. The Dreidel Company Is Wishing You And Your Family A Happy Hanukkah!!