Plush Hanukkah Dreidel Toy for Infant with 2 Hanukkah Music Songs


  • #1 CHILDREN’S HANUKKAH GIFT: Give Them The Chanukah Gift They’ll Love: Soft Plush Musical Dreidel with Long Arms for Young Children.
  • Includes: One Bright Blue with Happy Face Plush Children's Musical Dreidel. Height 6" Inches Width 7 1/2" Inches.
  • SAFE & FUN FOR EVERYONE: Children Will Love Their Soft Squeezable Plush Dreidel. Parents Will Love Our Kid-Safe Material Standards.
  • PARTY FAVOR: The perfect addition to any Hanukkah Party. Also perfect as Hanukkah Decoration and party favor.


The Dreidel Company's Musical Plush Dreidel is perfect for any young child, especially for the holiday season. It's soft and smooth to the baby's skin and even has a small rattle inside which makes soothing noises. It has bright colors and the four letters nun, gimmel, hei and shin. "The dreidel, known in Hebrew as a sevivon, dates back to the time of the Greek-Syrian rule over the Holy Land—which set off the Maccabean revolt that culminated in the Chanukah miracle. Learning Torah was outlawed by the enemy, a "crime" punishable by death. The Jewish children resorted to hiding in caves in order to study. If a Greek patrol would approach, the children would pull out their tops and pretend to be playing a game. By playing dreidel during Chanukah we are reminded of the courage of those brave children" Courtesy of Chabad dot org