Passover Seder Plate Deluxe Quality Plastic 10" Disposable Plates


  • Traditional And Classy: These Passover Seder Plates are a wonderful way to bring class and elegance to your Pesach table. With this Classic Plastic Seder Plate, your Seder table will come to life with ambiance and elegance.
  • Deluxe Quality: The 10" Kaarah is made from Deluxe Quality Plastic which makes it reusable. Wipe down with a damp cloth to clean and reuse. Happy Passover!
  • Six Niches For The Symbolic Foods: This Visually Pleasing Ceramic Passover Seder Plate is Perfect For Your Passover Seder Table. Decorated with A Charming Blue Renaissance design, it features six indentations for the ritual foods, each one individually labeled in Hebrew and English.


Choose between our 2-Pack, 5-Pack, 10-Pack, or 25-Pack. These quantities make sure you are set for all your family members and guests that you will be hosting.