Multicolored Medium Prefilled Gel Oil Cups for Hanukkah Menorah with Wicks 44 Pack, Burns for 2 hours

Size: Medium Gelled Oils

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  • Hanukkah Oil Ready To Use Pre-Filled Oils 44 Original 100 Percent Gel Olive Oil Medium Cups, 2 Hours
  • Preparing A Menorah With Oil Cups For Candle Lighting Can Be Messy. With Our Pre-Filled Oil Candles, It Is Clean And Easy. Just Remove The Cover And You Are Ready To Light. Trash When Done; Easy And Clean.
  • Add Some Spunk To Your Hanukkah Table With These Beautiful Original Pre-Filled Olive Oil Candles!
  • Includes: 44 Pre-Filled Gel Oil Medium size Glass Cups For All 8 Days Of Chanukkah.