Liquid Paraffin Lamp Oil - 1 Liter - Smokeless, Odorless (Purple)


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Brand: The Dreidel Company

Color: Purple


  • A CLEAN BURN: Our Lamp Oil Paraffin Is Processed And Refined To Create A Powerful Light Source That Is Smoke And Odor-Free And Without Harmful Soot Or Other Pollutants Often Found In Kerosene.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: Use Inside The House On A Dining Room Table, In Centerpieces, Or For Lamps, Lanterns, And Torch Style Candlesticks. Perfect For Use To Kindle Shabbat Candles And More.
  • OUTDOOR DECORATIONS: For Elegant Parties And Events, Use This Fuel To Light Up Tiki Torches And Other Lanterns To Light Up Pathways, Stairs And Aisles, Or To Beautify Wedding Celebrations.
  • EMERGENCY LIGHT: Not Only For Gardens, Patios Or Yards, Use Our Paraffin Lamp Oil Instead Of Candles Or Flashlights During Blackouts Or Power Outages.