Jumbo Hanukkah Glitter Cutouts, Star, Dreidel, Menorah, Blue and Silver, 6"

  • Each pack comes with 8 pieces of Hanukkah Blue and Silver Cutouts.
  • Perfect For Decorating, Gifting Or Card Stuffing, This Set Of Large Glitter Cutouts Comes With A Bag Of Silver Glitter Stars And Dreidels And A Bag Of Blue Glitter Stars And Dreidels.
  • These beautiful Hanukkah Table Decorations with Large Glitter Dreidels and Stars in blue and silver will create a beautiful runner down the center of your Table! A great start if you are looking for Hanukkah Decorating Ideas. 


The package comes with 8 pieces: a mix of Dreidels, Stars, and Menorahs 5in W X 6in H (12.7CM X 15.2CM). Glitter will not come off easily so no mess on your table! Your HANUKKAH will sparkle!

Choose between our Twin-Package and 3-Pack.