Jewish Holiday Sponge Shapes, Paint Fun Hanukkah Shapes


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  • This Package of Fun Hanukkah Paint Shapes will add to the Atmosphere of your Party! Great for Hanukah entertainment, Themed Parties, and Festival Décor! Great Accessory for the Chanukah Jewish Holiday!
  • Educational Activity: Kids love to use these with paint to stamp the shapes repeatedly in arts and crafts projects. This kit activity will enhance creativity and social interaction as kids talk about the meaning of Hanukkah. This activity can help educate your children while they can express themselves. 
  • Includes: Pack of Sponge Shapes Includes 6 different shapes: candlestick, dreidel, menorah, Torah scroll, Kiddush cup, and star of David. Fun for all ages.


Choose between our Single-Pack (6 sponges) and 2-Pack (12 sponges).