Havdalah Candle, Handcrafted Yellow Beeswax


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  • RAW BEESWAX CANDLES: Handcrafted and made with all-natural and organic wax, these candles are not made with synthetic materials and let off a more pleasant odor and light. The wicks are 100% cotton. This tall, elegant candle is the perfect way to escort and farewell the Shabbos queen on Saturday night.
  • TALL & BRIGHT: These slow-burning candles are designed to last for countless uses. This Judaica product can also be used by anyone looking for the healthy breathing benefits of beeswax candles.
  • KOSHER: These big candles have multiple wicks which create the large torch like flame needed for the Havdallah ceremony on Saturday night. This Is An essential part of any Havdallah set.


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PERFECT GIFT ITEM: These are marvelous Jewish host or hostess presents if you're a guest for Shabbos. Large and elegant, they're long-burning and made of 100% pure beeswax.