Five Hanukkah Shaped Cookie Cutters, Menorah, Dreidel, Maccabee, Star of David, and Maccabee Shield Shapes



  • Five Assorted Hanukkah Cookie Cutter
  • These Hanukkah Shaped Cookie Cutters will add to the Atmosphere of your Hanukkah Festival! Great Accessory for the Chanukah Jewish Holiday!
  • These cute Cookie Cutters come in 5 Hanukkah Shapes: Star of David, Maccabee, Dreidel, Menorah, and Shield.


PACKAGING: You can Choose Between our Single-Pack (5 Cookie Cutters) and 2-Pack (10 Cookie Cutters)!

These Hanukah Shaped Cookie Cutters are a great Party Favor enjoyed by everyone of all Ages which will leave unforgettable memories! Enjoy making Cookies with your kids and Friends!