Hanukkah Musical Light-Up Dreidel Spinning Tops Set, Plays 2 Classic Hanukkah Songs, Assorted Colors (2-Pack Blister)

  • A New Spin On Dreidels: Add some song and dance to your dreidel games with this pack of 2 Musical Lite-Up Dreidels from The Dreidel Company; flip the switch and give the top a spin to activate music and flashing lights for a dreidel game that will keep everyone entertained
  • Great Children's Hanukkah Gift: Children and adults will love the music and lights of this spinning Hanukkah toy; each pack contains 2 assorted colors for sharing, with traditional Hebrew letters and classic dreidel design that's ready for playtime
  • Easy On, Easy Off: To use without the music and lights, simply flip the switch to use as a traditional dreidel anytime; keep children entertained for all 8 nights with two unique Hanukkah songs, bright flashing lights, and plenty of fun dreidel games


Great For Parties And Decor: These colorful dreidels are great for party favors or to add a fun touch to your Hanukkah decor; guests of all ages will enjoy the bright lights and musical tunes that start when you give these electronic dreidels a quick spin

Safe, fun, and easy to use, this singing, light up dreidel is a great gift for kids and holiday party favors. Simply flip the switch to turn on the music and lights , give the dreidel a go, and enjoy the lights and Hanukkah tunes as the dreidel spins! Plays “I have a little dreidel, I made it out of clay…”I and “S’vivon, sov sov sov…”