Hanukkah Fillable Dreidel Transparent Clear Can Be Filled with Hanukkah Gelt Or Hanukkah Chocolate



  • HANUKKAH FILLABLE DREIDELS: These Clear Transparent Fillable Dreidels Can Be Filled With Hanukkah Gelt Or Hanukkah Chocolate Coins. These Dreidels will be the Highlight of everyone on Chanukah. There is no Chanukah Party that can Start without giving the kids these Dreidels at the Menorah Lighting. It adds Fun and Atmosphere to your Party that will leave Good Memories to all your Guests.
  • PARTY FAVOR: The Fillable Dreidels are the perfect addition to any Party. All your guests will enjoy seeing them as decorations, playing with them, and eating them when Filled! They are wonderful for Office Celebrations, Birthday Parties, Carnival Prizes, Classroom Rewards, Goodie bag Fillers, Gatherings, and much more!
  • DECORATION: Have Fun With These Hanukkah Dreidels. They are a Great Addition to your Chanukah Party, Money Themed Party and as Decoration for every event!


Packaging: The Clear Transparent Fillable Dreidels with symbols of Nun, Gimel, Hay, and Shin come in a 4-Pack, 12-Pack, and 24-Pack.