Frozen Frogs Silicone Mold Bake Ware and Ice Tray


  • Heat-Resistant: The Green Frozen Frogs Silicone Mold Trays Can Withstand a temperature up to 180C / 356F. Hand Wash with Dish Soap and Warm Water. (do not put in dishwasher)
  • Multi-Functional: These Frog mold Trays can be used for making Frog Shaped Ice, candy, fondant, chocolate, gelatin, candles, Jelly, Frozen yogurt treats, cake decorations, and much more!
  • Food Grade Materials: Our flexible Silicone tray is 100% food safe. Use a Spray or Base for No Stick so it will be easy to release and easy to clean.
  • These Silicone Mold Trays Can Be used for Baking, Freezing and Refrigeration. These molds make it easy for everyone to get professional-looking results.


Choose between our Single-Pack and 2-Pack Green. These molds will help you to get that professional look you always dreamt of! Use a Spray or Base for No Stick. This will help you to easily release the frogs.