David's Matzo, Passover Maztos


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  • David's crispy, airy, and delicious Matzoh is baked in Israel. We produce the original matzo you know and love for the Passover Holiday.
  • David's Matza is highly versatile and can be enjoyed in many different ways. Try dipping these crackers into your favorite dips and spreads, making your very own Matzo Meal, or covering them in chocolate and making matzo bark.
  • These Matzot can be used all year round including the Passover Holiday.


Ingredients: Wheat Flour (Gluten), Water. Contains Wheat. 

Sold By The Pound: This matza is sold by the pound and comes in 3 different sizes. 1 Pound, 3 * 1 Pound, and 5 *1 Pound box.