Gold Metallic Plastic Hanukkah Dreidels (4-Pack)


Brand: The Dreidel Company


  • Hanukkah Plastic Gold Metallic Dreidels with Letters & English Transliteration - 4-Pack Blister
  • Each pack comes with 4 dreidels per pack.
  • Extra fun for your Chanukah Celebration.
  • Educational toy to teach your kids about the holiday.
  • Let’s Play Dreidel 1.Each player get an equal amount of gelt (money), candy or nuts. 2. Each player puts one piece in the pot. 3. The first player spins the dreidel and follows the instructions for whichever letter is on top once the dreidel stops spinning. ש Shin Add 1 to the Pot - ה Hay Take Half - ג Gimmel Take All - נ Nun Take Nothing 4. After a player wins the pot, start again from step 1. 5. Play until one player wins all the gelt (money), candy or nuts.